Lucy Maes Guest House
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Directions to Lucy Maes


We are located at the eastern end of Grafton on IL route 100 also known as the Great River Road.
From I70 west bound entering the St Louis area:
1.     Take Route 367 north towards Alton, IL
2. Route 367 becomes Route 67 approximately 5 miles north of I270
3. Follow route 67 north to Alton IL and turn left at the first light leaving the Clark suspension bridge.
4. You will still be on Route 67 with the Argosy Casino on your left
5. The 4 way light just past the casino you will turn left on IL route 100.
6. Grafton is 12 miles from Alton with some very nice views of the Mississippi River on the left and the limestone bluffs on the right.
7. Lucy Mae’s is located on the right side, number 312 East Main Street. Look for a white two story home with a blue roof.
From I70 east bound entering the St Louis area:
1.     Take I270 north towards Chicago.
2.     Exit to Route 367 north towards Alton IL
3.     Follow directions from #2 above
4.     If you leave I270 for route 67 early you’ll still get there but will spend a lot of time at traffic lights working your way east to Florissant.